The development support-equipment Series


    It is the special analyzer of MECHATROLINK-3
    However, it isn't using M3 special ASIC(JL10x)
    it is possible to receive all frames.
  • The filtering feature is powerful.
    It is possible for the filter of 18 paragraphs in amount to set in the AND/OR condition.
    Also, it is possible to set a trigger feature, too, at the same time.
  • The command definition file can describe about the unique command of the user, too.
  • The data display behind the data gathering ( the capturing feature )
    There are trigger-point search feature, a text file output feature.

Specification(SK02-M3-PCI) PCI Board Type

Interface Standard PCI bus
Cconnector type RJ45 (female)
PC Desktop PC
CPU Equal to or more than Pentium4

Specification(SK02-M3-CARD) PCMCIA Card Type

Interface PC Card Standard(CardBus) Type2
Cconnector type RJ45 (female)
PC Note PC
CPU Equal to or more than Pentium M (1.6Ghz)

Common specification

OS Winopdws XP
Memory Equal to or more than 512MB
HDD Free Space 200MB
Others CD-ROM (Only Of installation)
Feature (1) The network monitoring capability
(2) The data gathering ( the capturing ) feature
(3) The filtering feature ( The pre trigger, after trigger feature built-in )
(4) The data display feature ( The trigger-point search, text file output feature built-in )

**** Connection cable isn't included in the product. ****
Standard price (SK02-M3-PCI & SK02-M3-CARD) 198,000yen (Japanese yen)